Welcome 2010!!

Baking Fool

Did I speak too soon?

Progress of eating solids

The trick to eating solids

Christmas 2009

Your Baby Can Read

Movie night

Aaron is 6 Months Old!

Say What?

Christmas has begun...

Da Da

Clothes, Clothes, and more Clothes!

Weekend at the Lake

"Honey Help!"

What's going on?

I wish I had that on tape...

Aaron's First Solids


Jump N Move

Tired and Cranky

Happy Thanksgiving!

Fun cooking

Blog Title

Let it snow!

All Bundled Up

A weekend at the Lakehouse

The stubborn gene

You'd think I'd learn my lesson...

Same blog - new look

Aunt Katie The Photographer


A Victorious Day!

Nail woes

Helping mommy

Play Time

Awe and Wonder

Rolled over!


Photo Shoot...sort of...