Crankiest Baby on the Block

Mr. Fussipants is driving me a little nutty today...I gotta be honest.  He's perfect when I'm holding him - like right now as I type this post - but if I set him down, the water works start.  I have NO IDEA what is wrong.  I really wish he could telepathically send me a little hint because I've changed his diaper, nursed him, stripped him, and re-dressed him.  I should be doing the dishes or laundry (they are piling up), but instead I'm holding him trying to make sure he stays calm.

I think he's tired - no nap yet today but everytime I lay him down he just wails.  I let him cry for 15 min straight and he never let up.  I feel mean if I leave him to cry longer than that - I guess I'm going to have to man up and let him do it.  He's not a bad baby - we have tons of laughs - but this is wearing on me today. ( I think part of it is that my house is rather messy right now and that always stresses me a little.)