Hair Loss : (

As I'm cleaning up Aaron's room today I noticed something odd in his crib.  At first I thought it was animal hair - like Ellie hair but it was dark.  If we had a cat I'd think it had nested in Aaron's bed.  Then I realized that what I uncovered was Aaron't bald spot spread all over his sheets!  I guess it only makes sense - the hair went somewhere.  He's been balding in the back and on the sides now for a while.  We switch his postions on the bed when we put him down at night so there are actually two spots on the sheets.  Check it out:

You have to look closely and I had to put the objects in the picture for the camera to focus and take the picture.  Poor guy, I hope it comes back ok.


  1. It will come back just fine! It happens to them all :) Except I never found any of Jude's hairs laying around... because he didn't have enough to notice! lol!


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