Hanging Out With The Fam

Today we hung out with Nanny and Papa, Aunt Katie and great Grandma Thies. We went to Applebee's and the Louisburg Cider Mill. Aaron is working on a new tooth and has been quite cranky recently. Luckily he still has those brief moments of pure joy though. Aunt Katie took a few snaps while Nanny made him laugh and blow bubbles for us.

The Cider Mill was PACKED!!! I had trouble maneuvering around with the stroller and the crowds made me downright claustrophobic. No one ever warned me about the weird maternal instinct to protect your child from strangers getting near enough to breath on them. A lady at Applebee's came over to admire Aaron (a lady's man already) and started running her fingers through his hair. Gross! I have no idea who she was and while she was nice as could be - where have those hands been? Has she ever been exposed to the H1N1 virus?! I'm a freak! Of course I was friendly to her but inside I wanted to pull him away or soak her in hand sanitizer.

Babies get away with everything. When he burps, we congratulate him and say how proud we are. The more rolls and chins he has, the cuter he gets. And when he has a belly ache and finally poops, we say "good job buddy - feels better huh?" Today I thought he must have a tummy ache because he hadn't pooped all day. Around 4 he decided it was time...1st clean diaper...poops again...second clean diaper...another poo...third clean diaper...ok mom seriously, I'm not done yet. I still have to pee. It took 4 diapers to get him changed!!!!