Is this for real?

This week has been the week of restfull nights!  But is this for real or just a little phase?  We weren't very good with a bed time routine this week as he went to bed at lots of different times plus he did get his shots yesterday so maybe he is just over tired.  Here is how bed time has gone down this week:

Sunday night - B-day party at Mom and Dad's, got home at 9:00, he slept until 5:30 the next morning
Monday night - Criger's came over for dinner, put him down around 9:00 again, woke up at 3 like normal
Tuesday night - bed by 8:00, woke up at 7:00!
Wednesday night - Bible study, got home at 9:30, bed at 10:00 : ( - slept until 8:00
Thursday night - bed at 7:00, slept until 7:00!!!

The only night he woke up at 3 like normal was Monday night!  Is this a fluke or just a sleepy boy?  We'll see! 

In other news...he cried out mama twice again today!!!  Ok, he was fussing and doing his general Maaaaa noise but I swear he said mama. : )  This time Grandma heard it!  So Nanny's heard it, Grandma's heard it...daddy needs to hear it!!!


  1. What I have learned in the parenting department is:

    As soon has you have something "FIGURED OUT" they change it on you! Right on Cue!


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