Our house is falling apart...

I'm ready to move...well let me put it another way.  I would like to move.  All in good time of course.  I'm just bummed out because we had a bug guy come out and discover that we have ants in our walls, rotted siding (all over), and a crack in the skylight seam...nice.  Mix that with the fact that we already know our roof is leaking in couple of places and the front half of our house is sinking and you can understand my frustration.  This place is a money pit!  What to do.... it's a catch 22.  Dump a bunch of money into fixing everything we would like fixed and stay for a while, or try to patch things up enough to sell it and get out!  Either way... it's going to take some mu-la.  Oh the joys of homeownership! 

But seriously - other than the whole house thing - I totally love my life right now.  I can't remember the last time I was this content.  (Wait...I think it was shortly after we got married, before we started school, when all we would do was come home and watch CSI together or go on fun bike rides.)  I love my hubby more than ever - he's a wonderful daddy too.  And I love my little boy.  He is the joy of my life!  Leaving my job was the greatest descision we've ever made.

BTW...we did get the whole ants-in-the-wall thing fixed today.  : )


  1. O... Tough call! If the market were different, I would say... MOVE MOVE MOVE!!! Lot's of good buys in my neighborhood :)

    I know you guys will figure out what is right for you though!

  2. I would love to move to your neck of the woods! That would be so fun to be neighbors again. How ironic would that be that our parents are now neighbors once again and then us too!


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