Overview of the last few months

Look at how little he was.  Those socks wouldn't stay on because they were so big...now they won't stay on because they roll right off - they're too small!

The first bath was not too fun but now we love it!

He's learning to hold his head up.  It's still a little wobbly but he's getting it.

If you put something in his hand he knows how to hang on.  He's even grabbing at things and learning to hold a rattle now.

This was our first trip on the boat.  We went to Tablerock to Nanny and Papa's lakehouse.  He was about 6 weeks old and slept most the time!

We've been practicing "tummy time" to strengthen those arms.  He likes to rest his head and push his rear up with his knees so he can kick away.  We're still working on that upper body strength!

We had to bust out the cute bath robe.  It finaly fits a little better though it's mostly for looks.  He's such a cutie.

It seems like he's learning all the time - just taking in everything around him.  He makes a lot of noises right now.  I love to hear him "talk" to us.  It's gurgles and coos - I love it!  He also recently learned how to blow bubbles with his slobber and he's facinated by it!  His little legs are growing stronger by the day.  We put him in his little exersaucer the other day for the first time.  John was showing him how to make the music play and we thought that he didn't really get it.  Then John turned away for a moment and boom!  He's making it sing songs with the pull of a plastic ring!  He's so smart!

He slept all the way through the night...once...the other day.  It was like 11 hours or something crazy like that.  It was the first and last time that he's done it so far.  He usually wakes up around 3 every night to nurse.  I don't really mind though - I love nurisng him.

Today he tried out the Johnny Jumper at Grandma's house.  I guess he liked it pretty well.  Can't wait to try ours out! 

We think he has his first tooth coming in.  It's pretty rough and you can see a little white coming through on his gums.  Poor little guy has been fussy, had low fever, and has filled his drawers a lot in the last week.  It's wierd what one little tooth can do!

Well that should pretty much bring us up to date I think.  In other news...John and I are celebrating our 7th anniversary tomorrow!!!  (It was actually Monday but we're going out tomorrow.)