Prince Aaron

After much fussing, I decided that Aaron is a boy afterall, so... I took off his pants, built him a thrown, and turned on the tube.  If he was able to eat snacks I would have given him that too.  It seemed to work for a little while.  At least long enough to fold some laundry!  His little outfit that Grandma put him in yesterday was soooo cute!  I took some pictures before he turned all fussy on me.  He was all dressed up with no where to go.  Strike that - we had places to go but who wants to hawl a crying baby around?  Not me!  Plus, he wouldn't have enjoyed it with that poor little mouth bothering him.  The Tylenol did seem to help.  I gave him .4 ml at about 6:30, nursed him, bathed him, and put him down to bed. 
Today is my birthday - yay!  We are going to Home Depot to pick out some paint for the living room and then out to dinner tonight with the Farnsworths.  I hope Aaron is up for it!  (We get to celebrate again on Sunday at mom and dad's with Aunt Chelsee and Aunt Katie!)