I guess I'm having a frustrated mommy day.  I feel so blessed to stay at home with Aaron that I almost feel like I can't complain about anything.  Almost...everyone's entitled to complain sometimes right?

Let me just say...teething SUCKS!  I don't know what to do for him and all he's doing is fuss, fuss, fuss today.  Why did he have to get teeth so early?  It brings up all these stupid "worry thoughts" like, Is he going to have buck teeth since they're coming in on top first?  Is this stage going to last months on end?  Where did my happy baby go?  Is his mental developement going to stall since it's hard to stimulate him while he's in pain?  How do I know that it really is his tooth that's bothering him?

I think the most worrisome for me is the developement of other things.  I've been tring to do the tummy time thing but he is just not having it. Lately, anytime we play it's just short lived and then he gets fussy again.  He has trouble taking naps which I don't know if that has to do with his teeth.  There are sometimes that he wakes up in the night and I'm sure it was his tooth that woke him up.  Maybe it hinders day time sleep too?  I don't want to drug him up all the time but I think I am going to resort to Tylenol today.  We'll see how that goes.  I've rubbed his gums, let him chew on my finger, tried teething rings and a cold wash cloth to chew on...nothing seems to work.  Part of the problem is that he doesn't quite get the grabbing thing yet.  He's getting there but since it's so early, he doesn't really hold things up to his mouth on his own yet.

So much for house projects today... or laundry... or dishes... heck, maybe not even dinner...  he practically won't let me put him down.