The go-go family

Once upon a time there was a family named the Go-gos.  No matter what they tried, they could not escape thier go-go lifestyle.  From the time they were married 7 years ago, they had always found something to fill thier, school, Karate, coaching, Bible studies, church events, working out, school, work, school, school, school, volunteering...

It was never ending.  Then one day they found out they were going to have a baby.  They were so excited and throughout the 9 months they started weaning themselves of activities.  First they stopped helping out with church things on Sunday morning allowing them to sleep in a teensy bit longer before second service.  Then Mrs. go-go finished up school which freed up her Tuesday nights.  Then they decided to temporarily stop volunteering for thier youth group on Wedesday nights and quit hosting a home group on Sunday nights. 

By the time baby go-go was born they had lowered thier commitments to a minimum.  Mrs. go-go even decided to leave her job to stay home with the baby.  She thought that this would make life simpler and less go-goish.  Alas, go-go was in her blood and she soon started to fill her time with daily trips to the gym, multiple trips to the grocery store and Wal-mart each week, and other activities that seemed to pop up.  Baby go-go did not really do well in the go-go lifestyle.  He got cranky from lack of sleep and odd daily patterns.  So Mr. and Mrs. Go-go decided that they were determined not to let the Go-go blood taint thier lifestyle anymore.  Will the Go-go's be able to change?  Only time will tell...


  1. go-go will most likely adapt.

  2. Grandma tj says Daddy is right. Baby go-go will adapt. Love the story. Kristin, you should write a book.


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