Things I love that Aaron does

The whole body stretch - He reaches his arms and legs as far out as they can possibly go. It's usually accompanied by a yawn. Some day I'm going to catch this photo opp or get good video footage of it.

The Maaaas and Mama's that seem to come from his cries. I love it! Is it weird to love crying?

Rolling his eyes back in his head when he first starts to eat.

Our cooing conversations. He'll coo and then I coo, back and forth for like 20 minutes!

His yawns - Ever since he discovered his voice, he makes this adorable sighing noise.

Singing in the car - I think he likes the change in his voice from the vibrations. He moves his lips a lot while cooing now.

His happy little legs as they try desperately to move him as he buries his head during tummy time.


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