What's that smell?

So our basement has smelled funny for a few weeks now but it's gotten a LOT worse in the last day or so. We have been trying to pin point it to no avail. I thought for sure it was mold of some type. I found some nasty drier lint molding on the drainage grate next to the washing machine and figured the smell was coming from there. I cleaned it out real well with OxiClean and then vacuumed the basement with that powder stuff that makes the room smell good. It only helped temporarily but then the smell came back.

John thought maybe it was a dead animal, like a mouse or something. He figured it died behind the stairs and if we couldn't find it, the smell would go away eventually. He had planned to get the Christmas stuff out and check back there but just hadn't gotten around to it.

So tonight we get home after our trip to the Louisburg Cider Mill with the Farnsworth’s (which by the way was awesome!) and Ron and Teresa were helping us carry stuff upstairs. They noticed the smell immediately...natural gas! What???!!! We've been living in a puff of gas for the last few weeks! Then I realized that the heater is right next to the washing machine at the base of the stairs which would explain why both of us thought the smell was in that area. Plus, John just turned the furnace on the other day for the first time this winter. So of course Teresa called up Uncle Danny since he did this kind of stuff for a living. He came over right away, found the leak, and patched it up for us. No more gas smell!

We both just thought that gas was supposed to smell like rotten eggs...apparently that's only propane gas. Natural gas just smells like moldy dead animals!