Awe and Wonder

How many times have I read about people being filled with awe and wonder? Countless. There's story after story in the Bible of people filled with awe after experiencing the presence of God. I myself have experienced this awe. But what would it be like to live in those awesome moments everyday? I bet Aaron knows. I see his little eyes light up with every new thing he experiences. It is the most amazing thing. I get positively giddy watching him and helping him discover his surroundings and himself. Though he cannot say a word, I can tell he is taking it in. He is so full of life.

Why do we lose that wonder? I wonder if God feels the same way about me as I do when I'm watching Aaron filled with that sense of awe? It's in those moments when we know that God is truly leading our lives and revealing himself to us that we experience that same innocent, awestruck sensation. Does God get giddy too? I would like to think he does!


  1. That is beautiful to think about. I believe God does feel that way when he looks upon us. It is truly a wonderful feeling when you look at your children in delight, even when they are older, your love continues forever. Love you guys Grandma


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