Happy Thanksgiving!

Eight days...wow I'm slacking. The funny thing is - a LOT can happen in eight days with a 5 month old in the house. Let's see, recently we've learned how to squeal with delight and whine instead of cry. The first part has been a blessing - I love listening to him "talk" and squeal at his mobile friends while in his crib. He rarely cries anymore. He's a happy baby when he wakes up. Nap time has been going great and he's learned to talk himself to sleep. It's really cute. He does it in the car too. He'll be singing along and all of the sudden it's quiet in the back seat and I notice his head is bobbing a little.

The other new-found sound is not as fun although still cute in its own way. He has started this whining thing. Instead of full blown tears he's learned that he can just whine instead and mommy will rescue him out of his exersaucer or pick him up off the floor or something. It's ok for a little while but it does tend to wear down the nerves. I had to turn him over to daddy for a while today because he just wanted to whine and whine and I was exhausted from trying to keep him happy while attempting to wrap packages.

He hasn't rolled over again since that one day but I think it's coming soon. He can scootch on his tummy a little by using his head and knees. Pretty talented I'd say. He goes about two inches and then slumps to the floor in defeat. He'd much prefer to be on his feet and jumping. He has pretty powerful ups in a Johnny jumper!

Thanksgiving was fun at Aunt Chelsee's house this year. We went a little early to help cook and mommy packed the car up with Aaron stuff... the Bumbo, Pack n' Play, diaper bag full of toys, and even his exersaucer. They all came in handy though and Aaron was happy so it was worth it. He took two naps while we were there and for the most part was a happy kid with no real crankiness. It was very enjoyable. Daddy played video games with Jay while the girls cooked and then cleaned up after dinner.  No complaints from me though - I actually enjoyed the cooking and cleaning.  We later took him to Grandma and Grandpa Farnsworth’s while we went to a movie and then spent the rest of the evening at their house just browsing Black Friday ads.

Shopping was an adventure on Black Friday! I've never been out shopping as I always had to work. John and I scored some great deals and we bought something for everyone. We aren't quite done as a few people on our list are not finished yet but we're way ahead of the game now. John got our lights out on the house and we finished putting out our Christmas decorations today. We're ready to entertain now! Thinking of having a party for the teenagers. Should be fun.

I've got to blog more often or I'm going to end up writing a book every eight days!