Nail woes

I have a bad ingrown toe nail on my right foot (big toe).  It hurts like crazy and when I called the foot doctor they said it would cost me anywhere from $180 to $300 for them to dig it out.  That's just ridiculous!  But what's more riduculous is that I am such a baby about needles that I'd rather sit here in pain then have them poke me with the litacain.  I agreed to let John look at it, numb it up and try to take care of it himself.  He's still mad at me this morning for my childish behaivior last night.  It hurt so bad and I never did let him get the litacain all the way in so he quit and I went to bed still in pain and embarrased that I couldn't handle it.  I don't want to go to the doctor - they'll just do the same thing and it will be even more embarrasing.  Plus they'll charge me when I could have had it done for free.  Maybe my sweet hubby will forgive me and try again today.

I'm not having good luck with nails.  This morning I was trying to cut Aaron's nails with the clippers.  His nails grow faster than the dandelions in our yard in the spring.  Usually I wait until he is really sleepy so he doesn't move too much.  He was calm I thought, but not really sleepy.  I did the dreaded cut too far thing and made his pinky bleed!  I felt sooooo bad!!!  He cried and cried, getting louder as he got over the initial shock.  I'm not sure who cried more, him this morning, or me last night.