It's official now - no more leaving Aaron unattended for the slightest of moments.  No propping him up on the bed and running to the kitchen. No more setting him on the changing table and getting something from the closet, or sitting him in his bumbo on the counter while I turn around to cook.  Little Aaronmister has learned to "scooch" himself by arching his back and using his legs.  It looks like the crab walk without the arms.  Forget the army crawl - he'd rather be on his back!  (I think eventually he'll like his tummy when he figures out he can get around better that way.)  This morning I found him in his crib with he head wedged in the corner, perpendicular!  He probably got stuck that way because he moved so much he couldn't go any farther.  This is why they say no pillows in the crib!  Good thing we cleared them out long ago.

I've noticed for the last few days that he has started arching his back when he doesn't want to be somewhere.  Yesterday he arched his back in the bumbo and almost pushed himself up out of it.  He also has discovered how to move down the bed when we are watching Baby Einstein by arching his back.  I just left him long enough to go to the restroom and when I got back he was at the edge of the bed! 

Little scoocher is keeping us on our toes and he's not even crawling yet!