A Victorious Day!

First off, I finally got the guts to let John pull out my ingrown toenail.  It was huge!  There is no way I would have been able to just soak it out like I read online.  I thought I could wait it out and let the thing grow but it just got more painful as time went by.  Plus this morning it really started to puss up - gross!  My wonderful hubby did a block on my toe with Litacain and numbed it all up.  It was done in just a few minutes.  It's still sore right now but I'm confident all will be well soon.

Then an amazing thing happened this afternoon - Aaron decided to give up the bottle strike!!!  Yay!!!!  He was going through a phase of refusing to take a bottle - something that made it difficult to leave for any extended period of time.  John's mom bought some cool new bottles that are supposed to be great for breastfed babies.  At first he wasn't having it while I was still home.  Then I left to go to a Scentsy party at Chelsee's and he ate like a champ while I was gone!  We tried it again for dinner tonight just to see if it was fluke.  No tears or fussing - he ate the whole bottle just fine.  I'm so excited that John, my parents and John's parents can feed him once again.