A weekend at the Lakehouse

There were too many good photos to choose from!  What a great weekend we had - lots of lounging and relaxing. 

Aaron has a new favorite toy - his Pooh bear that the Adrians gave him.  He loves the crinkle noise the butterfly makes and the squeek that Pooh makes when you squeeze him tight.  This is him watching his show on the bed while mommy packs all of our bags. (Yes, there were many.)
We figured out that the exersaucer actually folds up! Well let me rephrase that - John figured it out. : ) We were able to bring it with us so he could play in it at the lake.
Looking outside the kitchen you can see nanny holding Aaron.  It is unusually warm weather for November as Papa blows leaves and waters the grass.
Grandma Great's rings are very facinating.  They could keep him occupied for at least 20 minutes while we finished getting dinner ready.
Nanny flew Aaron around which he loves!  Buster was constantly wanting in on the action.  He went everywhere Aaron was.
This is his latest trick.  When he lays on his back he'll hold his legs and head up, strain every muscle in is body and grimice.  He wants to sit up soooo bad!  It's adorable to watch.
Grandma Great had fun holding Aaron.

We can't forget bath time. Nanny got to witness the happy bath moments. He loves the water.


  1. Great pics, looks like you had lot's of fun. Great picture with Grandma Great. Aaron you're so cute. love ya


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