Aaron is 6 Months Old!

How time flies!!! I can't believe he's already half a year old. We went to see Dr. Filardi on Monday and he is perfectly healthy. He weighed 18 pounds, 1 oz which puts him in the 55th percentile now for weight. His height was 27 inches which dropped him to the 75th percentile. No worries though - Dr. Filardi says this is normal for breast fed babies. Something about how our bodies magically know to start making milk with more protein and less fat... Those weren't her exact words but it is truly fascinating how the body works!

He's ready for solids now and we got a list of recommendations from his doctor. So far, he really does not like eating from a spoon. I'm not going to force it but I do need to get better at offering it multiple times a day. She gave us some suggestions on masking the rice cereal in other foods because he might think it too bland. At first he just didn't know what to do with the spoon but now he is literally forcing his mouth closed and turning his head away! Little stinker!

He's almost able to sit on his own now. In fact the day after Christmas he sat on a blanket for a little while all by himself! He still doesn't quite have the rolling thing down but I'm working with him.

He is so much fun! He'll be crawling soon enough and then I won't be able to get anything done because I'll be chasing him everywhere! I welcome it...