Baking Fool

Since coming back home after Christmas I have baked:

Made-from-scratch yellow cake cupcakes with homemade chocolate icing
A batch of chocolate chip and chopped cashew cookies
2 loaves of Toasted Sesame Cheddar Bread (Amazing!)
1 loaf of Cheesy Italian bread (didn't rise right and turned out gross)
Made-from-scratch waffles
Homemade tortillas (need some work but edible)

I really needed to go to WW this week. I wish they wouldn't have canceled it! I bought some baggies to give things away as I bake them because I don't want them in my house! Although I am learning substitutions and can make my cheddar bread for 1 pt per slice. I gave away the cupcakes and the cookies, threw away the bad loaf of bread, froze several leftover waffles for later, and unfortunately devoured the 2 loaves of Sesame Cheddar bread... I'm thinking of making my sourdough starter today. Maybe I'll give Ciabatta a try too.