Christmas 2009

Aaron's first Christmas - and what a Christmas to remember!!!! I was wishing for a white Christmas and God just kept on giving it! Starting Christmas Eve all the way through Saturday night (the day after Christmas) it snowed off and on and we must have gotten a foot of snow. In some places the drifts are 3 and 4 feet tall!

We had a great time at Great Grandma and Grandpa's house with the whole Farnsworth clan. Then we headed over to Grandma and Grandad's to stay the night. We all got our jammies and hung out by the fire. In the morning we had biscuits and gravy and opened our gifts. We are sooooo blessed! They really spoiled us this year! Among other things, John got an air compressor for working on the Jeep, Aaron got a Radio Flyer wagon with all-terrain wheels, and I got a Kitchen Aid mixer for baking lots of goodies!

The snow had come down so much that the only vehicle that could leave was the truck and even it had some difficulty. So by noon we were finally able to pack up and take the truck over to Nanny and Papa's. We had fun opening our stockings and all of our gifts from everyone. John and I couldn't wait to get home and use all of our new tools and bake ware and Aaron was delighted to have so many new noise makers and books! He loves his popper and the balancing monkey toy that helps him learn to crawl. (I've been a baking fool since we got home and have used almost every piece of bake ware/utensils I got - and that was a lot!)

We had planned to see a movie but the snow just kept coming down. Dad and John cleared their drive way with the snow blower than grabbed Chelsee and headed to her house to clear theirs. By the time they were done it was already 6:15 and we still had to get the truck back to his parents. So we borrowed the snow blower and headed over to his parents to see if we could get their drive cleared enough to get our car home and do our own driveway. Turns out the truck got stuck coming up the drive and we ended up staying the night again. John, Matt, and Ron spent almost all day (from 9:00 - 4:00 clearing their drive and ours and we were finally able to get home. What a weekend!

My favorite time of this whole Christmas season was a little moment in our car. The drive home from Great Grandma and Grandpa's on Christmas Eve was one I will never forget. The snow was falling, John was driving, and I was completely and utterly content with the world. I told John I would remember that moment, driving in the car, for a long time. There were hardly any cars on the road, Aaron was singing to us in the back seat, the radio was playing Let it Snow... John didn't have to worry about school for a little bit, I didn't have to worry about work - no stress of trying to get time off... There was an actual blizzard going on outside but we were nice and warm and it was beautiful. In that moment I felt so much love that I didn't even know it was possible - like my heart could literally burst... It was our first Christmas as a family. How truly, truly blessed I am.


  1. That was absolutely beautiful how you put your emotions in words. When you asked for snow, God truly blessed you. And we benefited from it as well. What a beautiful White Christmas Blizzard for Aarons first. love ya.


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