Christmas has begun...

Last night we celebrated Christmas with Grandma Great at Nanny and Papa's house.  We had a wonderful soup dinner and then sat around and opened gifts.  We are so blessed!  John got all sorts of neat tools and a creeper to work on his Jeep.  I got some awesome cookie sheets and silicone liners to go with it.  I also got what I call a butter brush but I'm not really sure what it's actually called.  It's used to brush sauces on foods.  I can't wait to use my stuff.  Aaron got some fun books and DVDs of which we've already watched one and read the books.  He loves them!!! 

Today we went to see Grandma Great perform in a choir concert at the Atrium.  She did great and had fun showing Aaron off in his cute santa hat to all of her friends afterwards!

On a slightly different note, I tried again to feed Aaron some rice cereal tonight.  It's been over a week since we've last tried.  He still wanted nothing to do with it.  He doesn't get the spoon thing and when he's done, he simply won't open his mouth.  I even tried to thicken it a little more to see if that would help.  When it didn't I went to sugar free applesauce.  It was the only other thing I had on hand since I don't have any fruit to puree right now.  He made a hysterical face when he first tasted it.  He maybe got one whole spoonful down and then gave up.  Maybe he's just not ready yet.  We'll see what Dr. Filardi says on Monday for his 6 month checkup!