Clothes, Clothes, and more Clothes!

Well we aren't going to need clothes for a while!!!  Just after we got home from our lake trip we turned around and headed south.  We got to stay with Grammy in Wichita and visit with her and Dee Dee and Jerry.  Aaron was in such good spirits even though his nose was running like a faucet!  It was a lot of fun and I'm glad we got to have dinner together.  We forgot the pack and play so the three of us slept together in the bed!  It was kind of cute to wake up and see my little man inches away from my face just snoozing away.  He was really the only one who got much sleep though!  John and I were trying not to crush him and steering clear of his flailing arms!

The next day Grammy got to go into work late and play with Aaron some - we had some good tummy time with the new toy that Dee Dee and Jerry got Aaron for Christmas.  It's a little playschool thing that you can hit buttons and hear animals sing to you.  We headed further south to Edmond (outside Oklahoma City) to Aunt Sandy and Uncle Macky's house.  It was nice to catch up and enjoy dinner together.  They helped us load the boxes into the truck.  We had to empty two of them and shove the clothes in the cab of the truck because we didn't have room for them!  I bet they were glad to get those out of their garage!  It took two days to sort through and size them all.  They are now packed neatly back in their boxes and labeled.  There are some really cute things in there!  All and all it was a good trip and sort felt like Christmas as we unpacked and picked out what to keep for Aaron.