Progress of eating solids

I'm so glad I don't have to try to drive to work in this! It just keeps snowing. Monday and Tuesday were fine but we got some more last night. I don't mind, it's really very pretty to look at and I'm nice and warm here. I wonder what our total accumulation in the last week is?

Last night we added green beans to our dinner menu for Aaron. He like them it seemed. I think he was starving though because we couldn't seem to feed him fast enough and then he just got frustrated. I think I'll start nursing him 1/2 way before he eats, then feed him solids, then top him off after wards. So he's now eating rice cereal, bananas, pears, and green beans. Oh and I did try peaches once but that was before he was really eating. The pediatrician suggested only introducing new foods one at a time with a couple days in between. I'd like to have him try meat soon so he can get some protein. Maybe we'll do some chicken on Saturday...