We finally tried some solid food! It wasn't a planned thing but we decided it was time to try some rice cereal. He'll be 6 months in two weeks. (I can't believe that!) I had been keeping a sleep journal for the month of November to look for some nap and bedtime patterns and I noticed over the last two weeks he has been waking up one to two times to nurse. Not to mention I could feel it because I am progresively getting more irritable and cranky - much like I felt in the first weeks after we brought Aaron home from the hospital. We thought maybe he was not satisfied at night anymore so I sent John to Walmart last night and we gave it a whirl.

1 tbsp of ceral and like 5 tbsp of warm breast milk made for a very soupy first try. He wasn't quite sure what to expect! I think he maybe got half of it down but not bad for the first go. We'll see what happens today. Mommy's going to read up on solids. I'm thinking we'll just stick with this rice cereal for a couple of weeks and then add some other foods like nanners and stuff. I don't want to introduce too many things at once! He did sleep better though. He didn't wake until 4:00 so an eight hour stretch. Mommy was very grateful for that! He had been sleeping 12 hour stretches and then recently went to no more than 4 hours at a time. It was wearing me down! Maybe once he gets the hang of it more he'll go back to sleeping longer. He might also be going through a growth spurt. The little bugger grows so fast!

We had invited Grandma and Granddad over for dinner before we had any plans to start solids. They hadn't seen him since Tuesday and needed an Aaron fix! They ended up getting to witness his first cereal and were super excited!

Here's some pics and when I get the video captured I'll add it too.


  1. Whew! Stinky!!!!! Everyone warned me about this and he only had a little bit to eat...


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