Tired and Cranky

Me or Aaron? Both. It's been almost a week since my last post...this is starting to sound like a confessional! Today is better but yesterday was tiring! Aaron has started whining a lot if he doesn't get a lot of attention. I was working on the budget (anytime a sentence starts off that way you know my day was probably stressful) and he just wanted to play. I kept ignoring him while I hunted for the silly offage in our checkbook - which I found 3 hours later! He was NOT happy with me and for good reason. That/s how my day started and from then on it got a little better but Mr. Fussipants had set his course and nap time was slim. By 6:30 he had his bath and I nursed him. Then he conked after fighting sleep most of the afternoon.

Early bedtime was nice but nursing him at 11:30, 5:00, and up for the morning at 7:30 was not so fun. I miss the days that he slept all night and didn't wake up until 8:00. Most of this week he's been waking up in the middle of the night to nurse. We wonder if he's approaching a growth spurt. They say when he's ready for more to eat than milk he'll start becoming less satisfied. I don't know if waking up at night means he's unsatisfied but I guess time will tell. We're really close to 6 months anyway so we'll probably start solids in the near future. I'd like to wait a little longer though.

I'm going to post a video (once I make it) of Aaron's favorite song. We've discovered that no matter how cranky he is, this song always cheers him up and elicits a smile or giggle! It's so cute!


  1. So I just changed the nastiest diaper! I think if I was building up something like that I would be fussy too!


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