What's going on?

Aaron is still waking up 2-3 times per night. I thought he was hungry so I've been doing all I can to make sure he's full. Last night he was out around 7:30 and woke at midnight. Since he wanted nothing to do with eating from a spoon earlier (something he doesn't quite get or care to get at this point), I mixed about 4 ounces of milk and 1 tbsp of cereal and fed it to him in a bottle. Then I nursed him after that. I was positive he had to be full. 3:30 rolls around and he's up again. I changed him and nursed him and put back to bed, then rolled back in bed myself around 4:30. This morning when he woke he seemed to not be hungry at all. He's perfectly content just playing around. So is he really waking at night out of hunger or something else? Why has he reverted? I was prepared for no sleep in the begining and then I got used to my 6-8 hour nights. I hope he gets over this soon.

There's always two sides to every story. While I hate getting up and how it messes with my sleep schedule...I LOVE the way he looks at me when he's sleepy and happy after nursing. I got teary eyed last night as we shared what seemed like 2 solid minutes just staring into eachother's eyes. He looked up at me and smiled and held his gaze. It was like he was talking to me through his eyes telling me that he appreciated me getting up and he was happy to be right there in my arms at that moment. Then his lids started to get heavier and heavier until he fell back asleep, still half smiling. I love him so much! It's so amazing how you can't even being to describe the love you have for your child. Whatever I have to do, it's always worth it.