Your Baby Can Read

So I got sucked into an infomercial... This program is so cool. It's called Your Baby Can Read and it starts teaching your kid from a very early age to read and understand written words. There was a video of a 9 month old who couldn't yet talk but could understand flash cards of just words. They would say "Arms Up" and she would raise her arms or "clap" and she would start clapping.

The science behind it is pretty neat. They say babies brains develop so much and so quickly from newborn to 5 years that it is naturally easier to learn new things in this window. They recommend starting as early as 3 months old. I am a little skeptical but I can't wait to see if it works. Aaron loves to watch the TV so the DVD's are fun for him. We're supposed to watch the DVD once or twice a day, read the book at least once and do flash cards whenever we can. The results take several months to notice so I have no idea if it works. There are 4 volumes so it's not always the same DVD and simply memorizing. They say that after your child can read the first 50 words that they begin to see patterns and can then pick up words really fast and even read words they've never seen. Interesting... We'll see how it works.