Curious Aaron wants to crawl

Aaron has just about mastered how to go from a sitting position to a poised and ready tummy position.  He just can't move anywhere after that!  I was cleaning his room up and set him on the floor (sitting) with some of his toys.  A few minutes go by and I notice he's on his belly.  No fear. No tears.  So I set him back up again and continued cleaning.  Again he's back on his belly.  This time I let him stay there since he didn't seem bothered by it.  He just stared and "talked" to Curious George on the bottom shelf of his book shelf.  I set him up a third time only to find him in the same position again.  He really wants to go!

In other news... he rolled over yesterday at the Heintzelman's house.  I was helping fold laundry and the next thing I know he's gone from his tummy to his back.  Way to go Aaron!