Day 4...

of the nasty coughing and runny nose. It's intensified again and here I am, 6:30 in the morning, pumping because Aaron isn't hungry, waiting for John to get back with the humidifier to hopefully help Aaron cough up that mucus. He's still getting a mild grade fever off and on but never quite enough to really get concerned. It just stinks hearing him cough all night long. I know he's not sleeping well. I just rocked him for almost an hour just to get him to go back to bed. I really hope he feels better soon.


  1. No fun! It is the pits to watch your lil guy not feel good. I have taken Jude to the pediatrician soooo many times for absolutely no reason. They tell me, its a cold/sinus/bug and it will run its course. Here's a script if you want it, but we don't recommend filling it if he doesn't have a fever anymore... Blah blah blah! Wish there was a harmless magic pill! lol! hang in there mama! This too shall pass.

  2. Call Doc. F's nurse (Mindy??? wow, brain freeze, can't think of her name...) she is super helpful and it will save you the cost of the visit, and the risk of infecting Aaron w/ something worse from one of the other kiddos there.

  3. Thanks! He's on the mend now - no fever anymore and the cough is much better. Still a runny, bubble-snot, nose though!


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