Motivation Please

Call me crazy but I think Aaron is getting the hang of "Arms Up."  Don't know if it's the written words or just the spoken, but we've caught him 3 times now raising his arms while watching his DVD.  Too cute!

Seems I haven't blogged a lot lately.  I'm caught up in this TV series from 2002 called Jeremiah.  TV series on Netflix are bad for me.  I just keep wanting to sit and watch them.  The most productive part of my day SHOULD be the morning since I have a neat little schedule down for Aaron and it offers me time to get things done.  In the afternoon I usually have plans for the gym and hanging out with Esther.  My house isn't really destroyed, just could use a little more love I think.  Hoping this Friday's party will help get me in gear.  I had all these house projects in my head when I left work...I've only barely scratched the surface so far!  But I guess I can't say that I've been entirely lazy - I have been cooking up a storm...well baking actually.  Still, even that has slowed these days.

I'm just feeling guilty because while my hubby is working 12 hour shifts for FREE (ok so they are clinicals...) I'm watching TV at home.  Something is NOT right about this picture!  When this series is over (2 more episodes) I'm going on a TV strike for a week.  We'll see how much I get done then!
***Ok I've finished - the strike starts Monday...