Outgrowing more than clothes

Aaron has been feeling much better now.  No more fevers and the cough is going away.  Still have a bubbly, snotty, runny, nose but what little kid doesn't?!

This week we've managed to outgrow two near and dear items of Aarons...the Bumbo and the Tub Sling/Seat. I guess it's not so much that he doesn't fit in them anymore, rather that he doesn't really need them. He's sitting so well on his own now that it won't be long before he won't even need the Boppy for counter balance. He loves to play sitting up. (If only he liked playing on his tummy as much - he might actually start crawling soon.)

Sitting in the living room watching his Your Baby Can Read DVD. (You can tell he's entranced!)

Sitting in the Bathtub with no help!

No Bumbo at the table anymore.  Daddy let him sit at the table like a big boy while we ate lunch.

He's cute even when he gets mad that we aren't paying attention to him!


  1. oh baby, come see grandma. I love you.

  2. Kristin: That last picture in the high chair looks JUST like you! I wish I could find those pictures that a photographer took for Grandma and Grandpa's 40th anniversary. You were sick and wanted nothing to do with picture taking. Love your little guy so much:-)


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