Smelly Ellie and her side kick Aaron Poo

I've dealt with just about every kind of nasty thing that can come from dogs and babies now and I have to say that if you want to practice for parenthood a dog/puppy really is a great idea.  Sure they aren't exactly the same - you can't leave your baby locked in a kennel for 8 hours or put a diaper on your dog until it's potty trained, but having a dog first can prepare you for the more dirty parts of parenting.  It seems I can handle almost any kind of bodily waste that comes from Aaron.  I attribute this to having to take care of Ellie for 7 years prior to Aaron's existence.  Nowadays if it's from Ellie my gag reflex takes over and I am powerless to stop it.  Dealing with baby poop and spit up and slobber is a breeze compared to dog poop, up-chuck, and drool. 

The other day Ellie got sick because of something that she ate (it looked like marshmallows) and proceeded to throw up in our bedroom.  Twice. As I was using a washcloth to pick up the chunks and flush them down the toilet I could not stop gagging.  I was nervous to breath through my nose for fear of the nasty smell and afraid to breath through my mouth for fear of tasting it, so I held my breath while I scrubbed up the spots.  Not more than an hour later, Aaron had a massive poopy diaper.  When I went to change it, he decided to "explore" down there and ended up with a wad of poo in his hands!  I had to act quick before they made it to his mouth so I grabbed a wipe and started cleaning it off his hands - getting it on me in the process.  Sure it smelled gross but somehow I managed to get him all cleaned up and sanitized without a single gag reflex!  How human waste is any better than dog waste is beyond me but seriously - whoever said it's different when it's your own kid was exactly right.