Welcome 2010!!

So this is it. The last post to the 2009 edition of The Farnsworth Chronicles. Time to start making the book! I can't wait. 2009 has been an amazing year. I started out the first several months in school and pregnant... then I received my bachelor's degree in May, welcomed Aaron Micheal into the world in June, celebrated Chelsee and Jay's wedding in July, went back to work in August and promptly gave my notice, celebrated John and I's 7th anniversary in September, settled into being a stay at home mommy in October and November, and celebrated our first Christmas as a family in December. Wow. What a year!

Though the year has been eventful, New Year's Eve itself was not so much. John had to work so I stayed up watching movies on Netflix until midnight. As I watched the ball drop, I counted down with the TV, walked into Aaron's room, kissed him on the forehead, and counted my blessings. It was sad not having John home with us but it's only another day of the year after all. I called him and wished him happy New Year and then fell asleep watching a Lost episode.

2010 is sure to be another adventurous year as John will be graduating and getting a new job!!! We may be looking to move and hopefully expecting a sibling for Aaron...

Like a TV series that's just ended it's first season we anxiously wait for what happens next, and watch as a story - our story - unfolds before us. Welcome 2010.