Getting Bigger

Our little boy is getting so big! I know I'm just going to keep saying that phrase until he's well past 18 but hey, what are moms for? Recently I have been working on a video project for a client and need to spend a fair amount of time in the office. It gets hard to try to keep Aaron occupied while mommy is working so I got a little creative. Daddy's chair + the Bumbo + Your Baby Can Read DVD = success!!! He looks like he's working too!

In other news, this morning I found Aaron on his tummy when he woke up. He was fussing which is a little abnormal because he's usually happy and "talkative" in the mornings. So when I went in there I realized he had gotten himself stuck on his belly and was unhappy about it. Yesterday I set him in his crib for a few minutes to play while I put away his clothes and he managed to roll over and over again going from tummy to back and back to tummy. He must have been restricted this morning by the blanket. When I set him down for his morning nap he did the same thing almost immediately. He rolled over and then couldn't get back so he started crying. We might have to try a lighter blanket and see what happens. Soon enough he'll be pulling himself up! I guess we're going to have to lower the mattress soon.


  1. Love the pics of your little exec! He looks very studious!


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