Maternal Instinct Bares it's Teeth

Yesterday John and I went to the gym as we normally do to log some bike miles as we train for Bike Across Kansas. I thought it might be time to see how Aaron does in a nursery with other babies for just a little bit while we work out. Both Grandma and Nanny were working so it seemed like a good idea.

I had no idea how the process worked. Only that I have seen the nursery right outside the door to the exercise classes. We were not there for a class though so I wouldn't be able to see how he was doing as easily. I know I'm a nervous first time mom but it's crazy how feelings of insecurity grow so quickly when you have no idea who will be watching your child or if your baby will freak out when you leave them with a total stranger. So we checked in the front desk and the girl there helped me get Aaron a card of his own - picture and all! Easy enough. Then she sent me back to the nursery area. John had his second meeting with a personal trainer (3 free sessions!) so I went back there on my own and found the place dark. I caught an employee and asked if it was the right place. She informed me that it was, but it didn't open until 4:30 and we could hang out and play with the toys if we wanted while we waited.

So I sat there for 30 minutes with Aaron as we played with various cool toys, which to my relief had just been sanitized and were sitting out to dry when we walked in. I'm trying not to be a germaphob... At 4:30 I got scolded by some 20 year old that I cannot be in there until the nursery is opened. I explained what happened and she simply repeated the hours and told me to wait outside next time. So far I'm not feeling confident... Then about three other kids show up with their moms and they all get checked in like they know what their doing while this girl completely ignores Aaron and I. So I asked her what I need to do and how it works as this was my first time there. She gave me a clothes pin with a number on it and showed me where to check in. She then informed me that she would come look for me if he cried for more than 15 or 20 minutes!

I left him sitting there by a little noise maker toy that he was content to play with. I gave him a hug and kiss and then walked away to go work out... I have never had such an unfocused short workout. I kept thinking about what was going to happen when he looked up and noticed I was gone. About 10 minutes into it, I went to peek over the half wall to see how was doing. He was playing with the same little toy only now he was banging a little rattle against it. : ) I turned away and ran into John who was finished with his appointment and coming to check on him too. When we looked back in, there was a little girl squatting next to him with the same rattle now in her hand and Aaron reaching for it. John said "he looks like he wants the rattle from that girl." Immediately I responded with, "HE HAD IT FIRST!" It's weird how that defensiveness sneaks up on you - It was just a rattle! I got crap from John for the rest of the evening. He said I looked like I was going to jump over the wall, push the girl away and take the rattle back. Don't mess with momma's boy! When we came back at the end of our workout there were 3 or 4 kids in 2 adults laps listening to a story and then there was Aaron, stuck in an exersaucer all by himself, half whining.

I am so grateful that Grandma and Nanny like to watch him while I go work out. I think we'll only be using the nursery in extreme circumstances. Maybe as he gets older and can play on his own (crawl/walk) it will be good to have him socialize more.


  1. Just call me honey. I'm almost always able to get away by 4:30 and even if I can't, dad or Katie may be able to play until I get home. What a dreadful nursery girl:-(


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