9 Month Checkup

We had a great visit to the doctor yesterday as expected.  Aaron weighs 19lbs, 2 oz which puts him in the 28-30th percentile.  It's a little lower than he has been but the doctor doesn't seem concerned.  He is SO active right now and in to everything!  I was started to think he was weening himself because we dropped to 2 or 3 nursing sessions a day and the rest solids.  For a little while he didn't even want to nurse before bed which was weird but he's started that back up again.  His height is 28.25 inches which puts him in the 60th percentile.  I guess he's taking after uncle Matt - tall and skinny! : )  He is in perfect health and those little teeth just keep coming.  He's cut 7 so far!!!  Dr. Filardi says we can/should start brushing them so he gets used to it.  I'm excited to find a cute little toothbrush and make a game of it!

I was a little concerned bringing him in because of the various scratches and bruises on his face - the boy is completely top heavy and conks his head on something about every other hour I think!  Of course they understood and didn't even think twice about it. 

He's still not crawling but is curious as ever and has not graduated to the roll-around-on-my-bottom method.  He will be sitting, then roll back a little and swing his legs over to a new direction to scoot that way.  Funny kid.  Mommy really is going to have her hands full.