Big day at the Farnsworth House

Yesterday was a great day. I always have good days when positive money issues are involved. First of all, we received our refund money from our tax return and it was almost exactly enough to pay off the Jeep! We had seven dollars and some change left over! So that means we now OWN everything in our garage! YAY!!!

The best news came around 10:30 in the morning though when I got a call from John. He got the job at Shawnee Mission Medical Center in the ICU!!!!!! We are so excited that he now has everything lined up for when he graduates. He will start as soon as he passed the boards and receives his license. While he's doing orientation he will be working days but once he's finished with that he will be working nights for a while. He has to work the 3rd weekend of every month. But that means he gets the other three weekends off! The best part of it all is that he is going to make enough to support us on one income. We have been using some of our savings these last few months so that I can stay home. We were looking for a certain number in order to make things work on just his income when he finished and it looks like we are going to surpass that. We are so blessed. It can only mean that I was destined to be a stay at home mom! :)

I am so proud of my hubby. He has worked SOOOO hard the last several years and it is all paying off now.


  1. YIPEE!!!!!!, I am also very proud of your hubby, and you. We love you all, you too Ellie.


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