Great Weekend

We had a fantastic weekend. Aaron and I visited Grandma Great at the Atrium's and got to hear her perform with her choir on Saturday. It was their St. Patrick's day concert - so cute! Aaron was a hit as well, as always. Grandma Great loves to show him off to all of her friends. There's just nothing like a smiling baby. Aunt Sandy was in town too which was a great surprise. We got to visit a little bit and then we went over to mom and dad's to watch the KSU/KU basketball game. Actually, Grandma Great, Aunt Sandy, and Nanny and Papa watched the game. Aaron and I sort of played around and enjoyed the food but the company was fun.

Sunday we met up with our friends the Heintzleman's and Chris's sister and family at the Ernie Miller Nature Park. We spent 2 and half hours with 6 adults and 15 kiddos hiking all around the trails. We gathered hiking sticks and sloshed around in the mud. Aaron rode in the Jeep front carrier on my belly facing out the whole time! I tried to turn him around once and he got angry. He just wanted to see everything. He stayed awake the whole time just taking everything in. We had him bundled up in a jacket and blankets and kept his fingers tucked inside his coat so they wouldn't get cold. Esther had little Isaac in a sling on her front facing toward her and he was so little that he fit inside her coat. He was so bundled up that you couldn't hardly tell there was a baby under there! After that everyone was starving so we went over to Chris and Esther's house for dinner. What a great day!

Today should be a good one too.... I just paid off our credit card!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!! So therapeutic...