Newest developements...

First off, we now know that Aaron does NOT have an ear infection thanks to a somewhat pointless doctor's visit on Saturday. I guess peace of mind isn't free. Turns out he has 5 teeth coming in which is compounded by a cold. I am so glad we don't remember getting those boogers in - God must have done that on purpose. He has been downright miserable for the last several days...waking several times a night...not eating solids...fussy... I'm glad he's not officially "sick" but at least then we could have cured it. Now we just have to wait out these silly teeth. There are 3 on top and 2 on the bottom. We've tried all sorts of things to sooth him including frozen teethers, washcloths in the freezer, oral Gel, Tylenol and good old back rubbing. I'm going to try the ginger trick next. He's better when I'm holding him so maybe I'll just have to keep him in my arms for a while. : )

In other news, Aaron is becoming a strong little boy. Today he pulled himself up in his crib. After he did it twice in a row, I grabbed the camera and caught this...

I'm sure he'll be crawling any day now. He can easily go from sitting to all fours with no problem. His little rear doesn't seem to be quite as heavy as it used to be. It's just he's not sure what to do next but I know he'll figure it out soon.


  1. Aaron: you are soooo smart! You are figuring out all kinds of things with all that tooth pain. Just WAIT until you don't have teeth coming in to cloud your mind. You'll be getting into all kinds of things. Hugs and kisses from Nanny:-)

  2. We saw Dr. Filardi (or her partners) twice so far... SWEARING he had an ear infection... but... NO! lol!!! You're right... peace of mind costs something. But, these days they rarely do anything to treat the ear infection unless he is getting multiple ear infections, it is debatable if antibiotics do more to help or hurt when it comes to ear infections, so most docs don't hand them out until it is really bad. (This is what I was told the 2nd time we brought him in for a false alarm, lol!)

    Also... I've got 3 slings that you are more than welcome to borrow to get you through the needing to hold lil bug til he feels better stage :) Let me know, you are welcome to them. I won't be needing them for another 4-5 months :) 1 maya wrap ring sling, 1 moby wray - (hard to describe, so maybe google it), 1 front and back carrier. I loves strapping Jude on my back and running around the house :) Dishes, cutting someones hair, vacumming, etc :) I'd still wear him if it weren't for the new pregnancy bump. My back is already sore enough!

  3. It is so cool that you have these moments caputured on video. I can only remember them in my mind. This will be so treasured down the road. I love you baby Aaron.

  4. Amy, maybe we'll come by and see how they work. I have a sling and a front carrier. He doesn't mind the front carrier but he HATES the sling. I think I just never "got it" and therefore never carried him around in it and now he's not sure what to think of it. I think the green one you carried Jude around in is a better quality one than what I have.


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