Selling our house!!

We've made a decision - we are selling our house.  As in putting it on the market in 5 days! (April 1st - no it's not a joke!)  Our realtor helped us figure out that we probably won't be able to qualify for a loan quick enough to close before June 30th and get that tax credit.  BUT someone else who is looking for a home for the first time might be able to and our house could be perfect for them.  SO... we are going to sell now and look for a house this summer. We will move in with John's parents for a few months (and save a few house payments) and then look for a house when John has started and settled into his new position in the ICU.  Hopefully we'll get a good price for our house by selling now.  A lot of people seem to think the housing market will drop even more after the tax credit expires so getting out now would be wise.  Then it wouldn't matter that we ourselves missed out on it because the house would be cheaper anyway.

Of course, selling now means a LOT of work must be done to our house in 5 days.  Why 5 days?  We want to make sure someone else has enough time to get a contract on the house by the end of April so THEY can qualify for the credit.  That gives them 30 days.  It may be wishful thinking to think that we can sell in 30 days but we are going to try.  The last time the credit was expiring (November) there was a HUGE boost to sell houses so that gives us hope.  Today I'm de-cluttering everything, packing things up and renting a storage unit to keep our stuff in. I also plan to take all of our pictures and fixtures off the wall and move things away from the wall so we can get to it for painting.  Then tomorrow John and I are going to patch, mud, and tape everything.  If we have enough time we might start painting too.  Sunday will be devoted to painting the entire interior.  Monday our roof gets replaced - yay!!!  Then hopefully we'll have Tuesday and Wed. to paint the exterior so the house can be put up on the market on Thursday...whew!!!  We need prayers so we don't go insane!!!  If anyone feels like helping - feel free to stop by!!!!


  1. WOOO HOO!!! Go Farsnworth's GO!!! Sometimes doing it quick is better than dragging it out... if you're like me... even if the deadline was 30 days from now... the last 5 days would be just as busy :) haha! I think you guys are smart, and I'll be praying for a quick sale!


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