Things Lowered

1. The bed. As demonstrated in the video a few posts back, we really needed to lower Aaron's bed. But as he could not quite get to a seated position on his own we slacked off a little and allowed him to sleep in the bed without lowering it. Yesterday when I went to check on him at nap time, he was up on all fours like he was going to crawl out of his crib. We were only lucky that he didn't grab the top of the crib and pull himself up from there. So we officially lowered the bed last night which did two things: a) freaked him out when he woke up last night as I'm sure he must have though he was a prisoner and b) made it absolutely impossible to lay him down after I rocked him to sleep without him waking up! (Yes, that is a chew guard on the railing though he'll probably decide the sides are more interesting to bite.)

2. Aaron's Hair. Sadly his wild mane has been somewhat tamed as it grows thicker and heavier. I rather liked the spiked fohawk and chops look. Though the spikes continue in the back, we are starting to get a comb-over look in the front. It's starting to get shaggy and John keeps pestering me to cut it but I'm not ready yet. We can do the tuck-behind-the-ear thing for a while right?

3. Time it takes to move across a room. Though still not crawling, Aaron has mastered the art of the all fours-dive-roll-and sit method. From a seated position he moves to all fours, then lunges foward into sort of a face plant/sprawl position. From there he can roll over to gain some distance then roll over again back onto his tummy and finally push himself back up to a seated position and start the process again. Yesterday I set him down on a large blanket - 10x10 at least - and he conquered it in no time winding up half way under the couch before I noticed and went down to rescue him.

4. Aaron's fear of the unknown. I guess he's not really had much fear to date. That little booger is always getting into whatever he can get his hands on. Fortunately for mommy, we had already placed protective coverings on the outlets in the office. Who knew they were so interesting? Seriously kid, are you going to try to crawl up that wall?


  1. Great pictures, He is growing leaps and bounds. Great job on the plug ins Mom. What a cutie he is. We love you. Have fun Aaron, it's just the beginning of great adventures.

  2. Get ready to run momma! He is going to keep you hopping:-) Sooooo cute!


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