Baby Proofing

Well I've learned a lot in the last few weeks about what to proof...meaning EVERYTHING. Nothing is safe for him! I started by covering the outlets of course. Everyone knows to do that. We even bought a little cover for one of the outlets that has cords plugged in. It makes it so he can't pull them out. Then I bought some corner covers for the edge of the fireplace. They are made of foam so if he fell over and bonked his head it wouldn't split open. And I also thought about a baby gate but couldn't find one that adequately fit so I decided I'd just "watch" him.

I had no idea all the other things I would need to do... Here is a picture of our living room now.

If you look closely (click on the picture) you will see

Duck tape on the fire place doors as he figured out how to open them and almost sliced his fingers off closing it back up several times.

A blanket over the fireplace to deter him from crawling all over it or at least buffer a fall - yes he can climb up there. Just today he got up from one end, crawled across to the other, and paused to sit and look at his reflection in the glass.

A card table blocking off the DVD and CD players (and cases that are stacked on the shelves).

The pack and play blocking the entrance to the living room. "Watching" him has not worked out. He has fallen down a few stairs a couple of times now. He's even made it all the way up (under supervision.)

Ellie - she is very protective of Aaron and is a good distraction to keep him from getting into trouble. Aaron likes to play with her.

Baby Einstien on the TV - also another good distraction.

Though you can't see it, the cords that are plugged in by the cabinet are actually duck taped to the back of the cabinet so they won't pull anything down if he tugs on them which he's tried a few times.

8) The blinds are pulled up a bit - they are just way to inviting. He likes to pull them, tap them, hide under them... you get the picture.

I guess we live and learn - I'm sure he'll get into more things as he starts to walk! That may be coming real soon as he is now starting to balance himself and try to stand without help.