We're Crawling!

Ok - admittedly this is a little late but we've been really busy! I'll blog more on our house later. A few days ago, actually March 31st, Aaron started crawling for the first time! We were playing on the floor in the living room just after I got it put back together and all of the sudden he's taking off for his basket of toys. And what does he grab? A toy? No - a book! What a smart kid! This is the only footage I have so far but I'll post another video with a better camera besides my phone later. Though this isn't probably footage of the very first crawling, it is pretty close. I took this video only moments after noticing he was mobile.

It's only been a few days and he's already a pro. He can move FAST and he seems to go for things that he's not supposed to play with. He is so curious!


  1. Ellie is barking at the roofers. She is normally pretty calm and quite but she wasn't too sure about those guys going up and down the ladder to the top of our roof.

  2. What a sweet video. Grandma is so proud of her little buddy. Love ya.

  3. HAHA! Yeah I was wondering what Ellie was barking at.


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