We've been busy

In the midst of getting our house ready to sell and showing it, I have fallen behind on posting to the blog. So, here is an update of what we've been up to recently....

Aaron has been upgraded to his Bigger-boy seat. It's not quite a real "Big Boy" seat so we just call it a bigger boy seat. Unfortunately it doesn't recline as much so it's hard to sleep in!

The weather has been beautiful so mommy decided to take Aaron out on the deck for lunch. He really enjoyed it! I love how he crosses his feet under his tray.

Nothing is sweeter than a happy baby in overalls.

Visited Great Grandpa Farnsworth in the hospital. Aaron loved his walker and provided much needed laughs and smiles.

We went to an Earth Day Celebration with Amy and Jude and got to sit in a Fire Truck. Then we went inside to play. Aaron was very excited about the different shaped mats to crawl on. Check out his face!

Today we went for a hike with our friends at Hillsdale Lake. What a blast! (Even if he doesn't look like it in this picture!)


  1. Aaron you have a great Mommy, she loves taking you places and having fun. You are very blessed sweetheart.


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