Back in the Saddle

I used to hate Mondays - and for good reason.  I used to work all week, waiting for the weekend to come so I could have some time for myself and my family only I would end up running errands that I couldn't run during the week so my  fun time was cut drastically and the next thing I knew it was Monday morning and I was back to work again.  Now I love Mondays.  My weekends are generally full of stuff - but fun stuff.  I get to run my errands during the week and play on the weekends. Mondays are days to get back in the swing of things around the house and after the last two weeks - I really needed to get back to things around the house!

Like for instance, the laundry.  It's been piled up for a few weeks now and we were down to "recycling" clothes that we wore last week.  No one will notice they're dirty right?  I spent much of my day folding laundry on the bed and catching up on Prison Break.  Prison Break makes laundry quite enjoyable!

I also was able to get back into "Mommy Mode" instead of staring at the computer screen as I worked on video projects.  Aaron and I had fun playing with Ellie - though she is shedding her winter coat right now...  I also got adventurous and let Aaron feed himself with a spoon at lunch.  It was very humorous and extremely messy!  But that moment was more priceless than any carpet or high chair or sliding door that might have gotten dirty in the process.  It's just stuff.  I have come to accept that while I do take care of and am grateful for the things I have, it is still just stuff and it can be washed.
Got to go to Zumba yesterday and renewed my desire to get certified and teach my own class.  Something I'll look into after BAK.  I attempted to go for a bike ride on my newly refurbished road bike that my awesome brother in law fixed up for me but there were a few kinks to work out.  We broke it down when we transported it from Lawrence to Gardner and we must not have put it back together properly.  No worries, Matt can fix anything!  BAK is just around the corner and I need to put in some serious training miles!  In fact, we leave NEXT FRIDAY!!!!  Time is flying by!

So to sum it all up, its back to housework, back to mommy mode, back to working out, and back in the saddle (bike saddle that is) for me!


  1. How cute! Ellie you are such a good babysitter. Can't wait for BAK myself. It will be fun for all of us. love ya


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