Crash and burn...road burn that is!

It finally happened. Today I joined an elite club and hubby is very proud. I flew over my handle bars and skinned my knee and elbow...pretty good. We were training for BAK together on the Shawnee Mission Park Trail. Actually I think it's called the Mill Creek trail... it's about 16 miles from the Mahaffee Farm stead due north to the Kansas River and 16 miles back. (Aaron was with Grandma thank goodness!) We were at mile 28 and I was getting really tired. My thighs were burning and there was a hill up ahead just before College Blvd. So I though, "I'd really like to just coast up that hill so if I get enough momentum going down this little hill I might make it." So off I go pedaling as hard as I can, kicking into the largest cogs on both the front and back (didn't know that was a no-no). I'm even standing, putting all of my weight into it so I can be sure that my incline will be a breeze only the pedals freeze on me, and the chain feels like it snaps.

In a matter of seconds I had slammed down in a straddle position on my cross bar, then flew over the top of the bike and skidded like 5 feet (well maybe not that far.) We went back later to see if I left any skin behind but there wasn't. It seems there are pieces of asphalt in my leg now! I laid there stunned and then FREAKED out but more out of fear and nerves than actual pain. Don't get me wrong, it hurt, but I didn't break anything. Thank goodness!

All I have to say is I BETTER have lost some weight at next weight watchers meeting!!! I thought I did excellent last week - tracked all my points, exercised a lot and I get there last night and was 3.6 lbs heavier! Now I know muscle weighs more than fat but seriously? I haven't changed my routine much - if anything I've added more cardio and skimped on lifting. I even went to Jazzercise with Aunt Marilyn on Sunday!!! At weight watchers they must have noticed I was really upset (and that my face looks like a galaxy of fiery planets) because the lady actually asked me if I was pre-menstrual!!! Only at weight watchers... She told me I'd be sure to have a better weigh in next week. After that ride I would hope so!


  1. OOOoooo mama!!!! Wow. You are a card carrying member of the road rash club!!! Congrats?!?! Yup. I'm sticking with congrats.

    ((And... don't tell John, but... I'm sorry for your boo-boos))

    Go Kristin Go!!! I don't care what the scale says... you look fantastic! :) :) :) :)

  2. THANK YOU!!!! You are so sweet. : )


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