Kill Creek Adventure

I've been meaning to blog about this for some time now. A few weeks ago Aaron, Ellie and I went to Kill Creek for the morning. We were hoping that there would be a showing while we were gone but no such luck. We had fun anyway! I took Ellie with us for the first mile then we stopped and rested by the water. Ellie couldn't resist the water and I caught her just before she actually started swimming. She's as attracted to water as a mosquito. I fear I wore her out too much because after I gave her some water and put her in the car (with the windows down) for us to continue our ride, she got sick in the back seat. How come dog puke is so much grosser than baby's?

Aaron got tired of the ride and after 3 miles, we had to stop. Mommy was fine with that because we just set up the pack and play at one of the shelters and I got to lay in the sun and read while he played in the shade. What a great day!