Part 2

I am sitting here at 9:42 Monday morning, anxiously waiting to hear from John about his boards. I'm going insane! Made him breakfast this morning - nothing big but brain food for sure. Scrambled eggs, toast with peanut butter, coffee, and lucky 7 dark chocolate kisses for the road. He seemed good this morning, much more put together than last night. He was soooo nervous last night. I know he'll do great - just can't wait to hear from him.

While I wait, I guess I'll continue my Farnsworth Family recap before I get back to work on my final video project for a while.

On May 8th, Aaron, my mom, and I went to Salina to see my cousin Taylor gratuate from St. John's Military School.   This is the gang - we took about 5 of these shots but never got everyone looking at the camera at the same time!

Next was Mother's Day on May 9th.  John took Aaron and I to the Kansas City Zoo where moms were free and we got free ice cream.  It was a little chilly and Aaron slept through half of it but we had fun all the same.  He LOVED the monkeys!  I think he'll really enjoy it more when he's older - especially the petting zoo!  He wanted to touch the animals. We were too cheap to pay for tram tickets so we hoofed it everywhere - what a workout!
Mommy and happy baby boy.

Our family at the Zoo

 Daddy showing Aaron the Elephants - one of his Your Baby Can Read words

Mommy showing Aaron a cute little bird inside the monkey cage.

 Stopped for a snack - yummy graham crackers and applesauce.