Partied Out!

These last few weeks have been full the max with graduations and parties.  It's been fun - but now I'm ready to relax!  Congrats to all of our family graduates... Cousin Taylor, my hubby, Katie, Cousin Matthew, and Cousin Luke!  Also congrats to our high school youth group kiddos.... Josh, Nicole, and Bryce.  Couldn't make everyone's party but we certainly tried! 

We also celebrated my Grandma Thies's 90th birthday!  Had lot's of family in town and had a whole festival of events. : ) 

In addition, I completed 5 different video projects in the last few weeks.  So frustrated with my computer and it's issues that I'll probably spend a lot of the profits on updating it.  Video projects just such the memory and wear down the burner so bad.  I've gone through two burners in the last year or so and my external hard drive is toast.  Luckily my fabulous brother-in-law was able to save the contents for us!  Going to pick it up today.

All in all, we've had a great, and busy, couple of weeks and we are ready to start gearing up for the BAK.  Matt hooked me up with a new road bike. (Actually it's Teresa's old bike that Matt refurbished - it's amazing!)  So I basically get a brand new road bike for really cheap.  It pays to know people. : )  I haven't had a chance to ride it yet so I'm anxious to start training on it and get my tush accustomed to the tiny seat that supposedly is better than those cushy ones.  John and I are going looking for bike jerseys and shorts today!